Solar panel installations in Northern Ostrobothnia

We always provide a turnkey service.

More and more households in Finland are harnessing solar energy. Solar energy production is quite efficient in Finland, making it an increasingly popular investment. Additionally, solar energy is one of the most environmentally friendly ways of producing electricity, with emissions only occurring during the manufacturing and recycling of panels.

NAVA Electricity handles solar panel installations for various locations across Northern Ostrobothnia. The process begins with an assessment, based on which we calculate a suitable solar panel system for your location. The system is always chosen according to your consumption.

We carry out solar panel installations on a turnkey basis, including procurement, planning, permits, incentives, and installation. You can get high-quality products with professional installation through us – so contact us and choose a more environmentally friendly everyday life!

We also offer heat pumps and various electrical work. Check it out!

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